Introduction to Networking

Network: A computer network is a set of one or more computers and other networking devices connected together for the purpose of sharing information and resources.

Internet: The Internet is the collaboration of thousands and millions of interconnected private, public, academic, business, and government networks that are linked to share information and resources world wide.

Need of Networking:

  1. Resource Sharing
  2. File and data sharing.
  3. Data security and centralized security
  4. High Reliability
  5. Communication Media

Application of Networks:

  1. Sharing of data, services and resources
  2. Access to remote database
  3. Communication facilities

Components of a network: Following 5 components are required for a network to be established.

  1. Sender: A device or a computer that sends the data
  2. Receiver: A device or a computer that receives the data
  3. Message: Message is the information to be communicated between the sender and receiver.
  4. Medium: Medium means the transmission  medium or the physical path through which data will flows from sender to receiver.
  5. Protocol: Means set of rules to be followed by both the sender and the receiver for communication.
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