Share your files and directories in Ubuntu on network

Often we require to share our computer files or directory from one computer to another computer over the network.

In the following few steps I will show you how to transfer or share files or directories over the network.

So the first step is

  • Create a folder in your ubuntu machine
  • Right click on it and choose sharing options

sharing options in ubuntu


  • Then check the share this folder checkbox

folder sharing in ubuntu


Once you check the share this folder option you may be asked to install additional sharing services by displaying a message like “Sharing service is not installed: You need to install the Windows networks sharing service in order to share your folders.” in a window.

  • Make sure you have internet connection enabled, because the packages will be downloaded from the repository.
  • Click Install Services button to install the additional services.

sharing service is not installed in ubuntu


  • After clicking the Install Services button you will be asked to install the ‘Samba’ sharing software
  • Click on Install to install the Samba application
  • Click on Description, if you want to see what are the additional software packages that will be installed.

install samba sharing software in ubuntu


  • Enter your super user password to authenticate the installation.

super user authentication in ubuntu


  • After entering your password click on Authenticate

Within few second or few minutes(if slow Internet connection) the packages will be installed and you will be asked to choose your preferences of sharing.

choose sharing options


In this sharing window if you choose

  • Allow others to create and delete file in this folder: This option allows other users in the network to create and delete any files and folders in the shared
  • Guest access (for people without a user account): This option allows the guest to access the shared folder.

After all click Create Share.

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