Change JioFi Hotspot Username and Password:

When you just bought a JioFi hotspot device, you should know that every JioFi device has the unique username and password written underneath the battery, and you JioFi device has the capability to connect about 31 other wifi device and share internet with them. So anybody who knows the default password of JioFi can connect to your JioFi if you do not change the password. So be sure to change your JioFi password. Otherwise your connection may be accessed by others and your internet connection will become slow.

Change JioFi default username and password


In this article I will show you how to change your JioFi username and password.

Following are the steps through which you can change your JioFi username and password.

Step 1: Connect your JioFi device using the existing username and password written underneath the battery.

Step 2: Open your browser and type or http://jiofi.local.html/ in the address bar and press enter.

jiofi change password


Step 3: When you get Jio's Web Admin page, click on Login at the top right hand corner.

Step 4: Type 'administrator' for both username and password in the popup window and select Login.

change jiofi username and password


Step 5: Select Settings just below the Jio logo from the top.

Step 6: Click on WiFi from the left hand menu list.

Step 7: Delete the existing SSID and enter your own username there.

Step 8: Find Security Key from the list and delete the existing one and enter your own password.

Step 9: Click on Apply and select Update to confirm changes.

Now you and you Internet connection both are safe ..........Enjoy your Internet with Jiofi

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