Send google group mail from your gmail

Basically we create a group mail when we need to frequently communicate with a group of users like in an office or in an organization. If we need to notify the employees of the organization about any event in the organization or any other notification to be forwarded to all the employees, in that case we can create a group of all the employees. After creating a group we can compose a mail and can send the mail to the group. So every member of the group gets the mail. So here we will be showing you, how to create a group in your gmail account in very few 5 simple steps:

google group mail from your gmail


Step-1: Login to your gmail account and in the left top corner click on Gmail -> click Contacts

gmail contacts


Step-2: In the left side Menu click on Groups to expend the it -> click New Group

gmail groups


Step-3: Enter a name for the group then click Create group

new group name


after clicking on Create group, the Group will create as follows

gmail group created


Step-4: Now its time to add your group members in the group.

To add members to your group:

  • Select your Group name under Groups.
  • Click Add Person in the right bottom corner.
  • Enter the email id of the person.
  • Click Create.

add person to gmail group

  • Enter the person’s details, if you want or simply click Save

Edit contact information


existing user added to gmail group


Step-5: Back to your gmail mail account

  • Click on Compose button to compose a mail.
  • Type your Group Name in the Recipients field.
  • Type your mail Subject in the Subject field.
  • Enter your message body.
  • And finally click Send button.

compose mail

Write your mail messages and attachment if you have

compose new mail

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