Question Answer on General Science Set-9

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1. Why is it difficult to measure the coefficient of expansion of a liquid than solid? [NDA/NA 2017]
Answer: Their container also expand when heated

2. Radon is [NDA/NA 2017]
Answer: An inert gas

3. Which one of the following elements is used in pencil-lead? [NDA/NA 2017]
Answer: Carbon (Graphite)

4. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOAnswer: is a standard criterion for [UPSC Prelim 2017]
Answer: Pollution assay in aquatic ecosystem

5. Sulphur mustered, recently seen in news, is a/an [TPSC Junior System Engineer 2017]
Answer: Chemical warfare agent

6. A passenger sitting in a moving bus leans forward when the bus stops suddenly. This is due to [TPSC Law Officer 2017]
Answer: Inertia of motion

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