Question Answer on General Science Set-6

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1. The largest cells in mammalian blood are
Answer: Monocytes

2. In which region of electromagnetic spectrum does the Lyman series of hydrogen atom lie? [SSC CHL 2015]
Answer: Ultraviolet

3. Soldering of two metals is possible because of the property of [SSC CHL 2015]
Answer: Cohesion

4. Chromosome designation of Turner syndrome is [SSC CHL 2015]
Answer: 44A + XO

5. An electrochemical cell which is used as a source of direct current at constant 1 voltage under standard conditions is called a [SSC CHL 2015]
Answer: Battery

6. Maximum oxygen is available from [SSC CHL 2015]
Answer: Phytoplanktons

7. The gas dissolved in water that makes it basic is [SSC CHL 2015]
Answer: Ammonia

8. The redness in atmosphere at Sunrise and Sunset is due to: [SSC CHL 2015]
Answer: Dispersion of light

9. Immunization is a phenomenon of formation of antibodies by using inactive
Answer: Blood

10. Which is a monogenetic parasite?
Answer: Ascaris

11. Which acid is synthesized in human stomach?
Answer: Hydrochloric acid

12. Filaria is transmitted by
Answer: Culex mosquito

13. Which is the only mammal that can fly?
Answer: Bat

14. A vehicle will topple if
Answer: Its centre of gravity is outside its base

15. Which is an amplifying device?
Answer: A transistor

16. The air becomes heated by
Answer: Convection

17. The density of water is maximum at
Answer: 40 °C

18. Laughing gas is
Answer: Nitrous oxide

19. Clothes made of polyester dry quickly after washing because
Answer: Polyester absorbs very little water

20. When a gas is compressed
Answer: Both pressure and temperature increase

21. Ozone layer in the upper part of the atmosphere serves as a protective shield against harmful
Answer: Solar ultraviolet radiation

22. Green manure is obtained from
Answer: Decomposing green legume plants

23. The process of releasing energy from the assimilated food is called:
Answer: Respiration

24. In a nuclear reactor, cadmium rod is used for:
Answer: Absorbing neutrons

25. Colour vision is made possible by the cells in the retina called:
Answer: Cones

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