Question Answer on General Science Set-5

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1. Zirconium is not radioactive true/flase? [SSC CPO-2013]
Answer: True

2. The casual organism of Polio is [SSC CPO-2013]
Answer: A virus

3. In the nuclear reactors moderators are used to [SSC CPO-2013]
Answer: Slow down the neutrons

4. The heaviest naturally occurring element is [SSC CPO-2013]
Answer: Thorium

5. Instrument used to study the behavour of a vibrating string is [SSC CPO-2013]
Answer: Sonometer

6. Haptens are [SSC CPO-2013]
Answer: Incomplete antigens

7. The rapidly growing mass of phytoplankton covering the surface water of a lake or pond is known as [SSC CPO-2013]
Answer: Eutrophication

8. A spontaneous change is one in which there is [SSC CPO-2013]
Answer: A lowering of free energy

9. Sulphur dioxide bleaches coloring matter by [SSC CPO-2013]
Answer: Oxidation

10. What is the unit of electric current? [Insurance AO 2013]
Answer: Ampere

11. Fertilization occurs normally in the
Answer: Fallopian tube

12. People consuming alcohol in heavy quantities generally die of
Answer: Cirrhosis

13. The organisms at the base of the grazing food-chain are
Answer: Producers

14. ‘Lumen’ is the unit of
Answer: Luminous flux

15. Which of the following source of emissions leading to the eventual formation of surface ozone as a pollutant? [UGC NET 2013]
Answer: Transport sector

16. The smog in cities in India mainly consists of [UGC NET 2013]
Answer: Oxide of nitrogen and un-burnt hydrocarbons

17. Which of the following is a source of methane? [UGC NET 2012]
Answer: Wetlands

18. ‘Minamata disater’ in Japan was caused by pollution due to [NET 2012]
Answer: Mercury

19. Bio magnification means increase in the [NET 2012]
Answer: Concentration of pollutants in living organisms

20. The major source of the pollutant gas, carbon monoxide (CO), in urban areas is [NET 2013]
Answer: Transport sector

21. In a fuel cell driven vehicle, the energy is obtained from the combustion of [NET 2013]
Answer: Hydrogen

22. The main function of palisade parenchyma in leaf is
Answer: Photosynthesis

23. Which types of malaria is pernicious malaria?
Answer: Malignant

24. Heavy water is used as coolant in nuclear reactors. Heavy water is
Answer: Water containing heavy isotope of hydrogen

25. When bond is formed between two atoms, the energy of the system
Answer: May increase or decrease

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