Question Answer on General Science Set-3

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1. Velocity is not a scalar quantity true/false? [TPSC-2016]
Answer: True

2. Barometer is used to measure [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Atmospheric pressure

3. Methane is a green house gas true/false? [TPSC-2017]
Answer: True

4. Which is not useful for blood coagulation? [TPSC-2017]
Answer: Plasmin

5. Function of Vitamin K is: [TPSC-2017]
Answer: Prothrombin formation

6. Which is not a layer of earth’s atmosphere? [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Hemisphere

7. Normal temperature of human body is [TPSC-2016]
Answer: 370 °C

8. The term systolic and diastolic are related to [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Blood pressure

9. “Greenhouse effect” is related to [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Environment

10. Sex of a baby is determined by the chromosome of [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Father

11. Hydrometer is used to measure [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Specific gravity of liquid

12. Seismograph is related to [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Earthquake

13.  Which plant pigments absorbs in red and far-red region light? [SSC-2013]
Answer: Chlorophyll

14. AIDS virus destroys [SSC-2013]
Answer: Lymphocytes

15. Teeth and bones acquire strength and rigidity from [SSC-2013]
Answer: Calcium

16. The type of tail found in shark is [SSC-2013]
Answer: Heterocercal

17. The Sigmoid Colon is part of [SSC-2013]
Answer: Large intestine

18. A good conductor while carrying current is [SSC-2013]
Answer: Negatively charged

19.  The angle between the magnetic meridian and the geographical meridian at a place is [SSC-2013]
Answer: Latitude

20. The device used for measuring the wavelength of X-rays is [SSC-2013]
Answer: Bragg Spectrometer

21. Alpha particle in the nucleus of an atom of [SSC-2013]
Answer: Helium

22. Silicon is a polymer of [SSC-2013]
Answer: Silicon tetrachloride

23. Which is natural colloid [SSC-2013]
Answer: Cane-sugar

24. The presence of cobalt in vitamin B12 was established for the first time by [SSC-2013]
Answer: Borax-bead test

25. Which bacterial strain developed from natural isolates by genetic manipulations can be used for treating oil spills? [SSC-2013]
Answer: Agrobacterium

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