Question Answer on General Science Set-2

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1. Growth hormone is produced by [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Pituitary gland

2. The largest gland of human body is [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Liver

3. All enzyme are actually [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Protein

4. Which element is essential for the transmission of nerve impulses in nerve fibers of human body? [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Sodium

5. The common element to all acids is [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Hydrogen

6. Small Pox is caused by virus true/false? [TPSC-2014]
Answer: True

7. Heavy water is [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Deuterium oxide

8. Government of India had set up BEE, an autonomous Government Agency under the Ministry of Power, BEE stands for [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Bureau of Energy Efficiency

9. Alcohol contains [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen

10. The phenomenon involved in propagation of light waves through optical fibers is [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Total internal reflection of light

11. The color of sky without atmosphere will be [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Black

12. LASER is the abbreviated form of [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

13. Which kind of lens is used in microscope? [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Convex

14. A radar which detects the presence of an aircraft in sky uses [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Radio waves

15. Bilirubin and Biliverdin are the pigments found in [TPSC-2014]
Answer: Bile

16. Who invented electro photography? [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Chester Carlson

17. Which part of human body prepares blood? [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Bone-marrow

18. Chemical formula of baking powder is [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Sodium bi-carbonate

19. Who discovered oxygen? [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Priestley

20. Sound travels faster in [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Solid substance

21. Insulin is secreted by [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Pancreas

22. Smallpox is caused by [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Virus

23. The sky looks blue due to [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Scattering of light

24. Who is the first man to set foot on the moon? [TPSC-2016,2017]
Answer: Neil Armstrong

25. Seismology is the branch of science that studies [TPSC-2016]
Answer: Earthquakes

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