Question-answer on Indus Valley Civilization set-1

1.  Which was the port city of the Indus Valley Civilization?
Answer -  Lothal


2. What was the time period of Indus Civilization Civilization?
Answer -  2500 BC - 1750 BC


3. Which was the largest site of Indus valley Civilization?
Answer - Mohenjodaro


4. Which was the largest Indian site of Indus Civilization?
Answer - Dholavira


5. The Indus Valley houses were built of
Answer - Bricks


6. Indus Valley people had trade relations with
Answer - Mesopotamia


7. Which two Indus sites found in Afghanistan?
Answer - Shatughai and Mundigaq


8. Where did the Archaeological Department of India carry out excavations in the Indus Valley?
Answer - Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro


9. Who was the main female God worshiped by Indus people?
Answer - Mother Goddess


10. Who was the main male God worshiped by Indus people?
Answer - Lord Shiva


11. By what name did the Aryans refer to Indus people?
Answer - Dasyus

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