Flora and Fauna in Tripura

Flora and Fauna inTripura

  • State bird is Green imperial pigeon.
  • State animal is Phayre’s langur.
  • State tree is Agar.
  • State flower is Nagesar.
  • Tripura is in “North-East” biogeographic zone.
  • 57.73% covered by forest(2011)
  • Tripura host three types of ecosystems: mountain, forest and freshwater
  • From the survey in 1989-90, Tripura has 90 land mammal species from 65 genera and 10 orders
  • The state has nearly 300 species of birds.
  • Wildlife sanctuaries are – Sipahijola(18.54 km2  important fanna: birds,primates,migratory birds in winter), Gumti (389.54 km2  important fanna: Elephant, samber, barking, deer, wild goats, serrow etc), Rowa (.86 km2 important fanna: birds and primates)  and Trishna (194.71 km2 Bison, leopard, barking deer, wild dog, capped langur, king cobra, spectacled monkey, slow lorries etc.)
  • National Parks are – Clouded Leopard National Park and Rajbari National Park
  • Wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks covers 566.93 km2
  • Gomti and Rudrasagar lakes are important for migratory birds.
  • Mammal species includes – Elephant, bear, binturong, wild dog, porcupine, barking deer, samber, wild boar, gaur, leopard, clouded leopard.
  • Tripura holds highest position with 7 primates Out of 15 free ranging primates of India. No other state has this number.
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