Major Lakes of Tripura

Dumboor lake

  • About 120 km from Agartala,60 km from Udaipur, 31 km from Amarpur and 11km from Jatanbari.
  • The origion of the Gomati River.
  • 41 of water surface and 48 islands within it.
  • The Hydel Project near the lake from where river Gomati originates is called Tirthamukh, a pilgrim center.
  • Every year On 14th January a famous 'Poush Sankranti Mela' takes place.
  • In winter, various species of migratory birds comes.
  • A popular picnic spot and boating facilities are available.
  • The lake is the confluence of rivers Raima and Sarma.
  • Accommodation: Raima Tourist Lodge at Jatanbari.


  • About 78 km from Agartala, now in Gomati district
  • An artificial lake of 20 hectares was built in 16th century.
  • Amarpur town situated on its bank
  • A good picnic spot.

Major lake of Tripura


  • About 55 km from Agartala, near Melaghar town in Sepahijala district.
  • About 5.3 sq. km water area is a famous tourist spot, due to the Nirmahal.
  • In winter large number of migratory birds comes
  • A good picnic spot.
  • Boat festival is organized in July/August, every year.
  • Famous lake palace Nirmahal is situated in Rudrasagar.
  • Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya built the palace in 1930 A.D.
  • Accommodation: Sagar Mahal Tourist Lodge, Melaghar


  • About 27 km from Agartala, in Kasba in Sepahijala district, near Bangladesh border
  • Excavated by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya in 15th century.
  • On its bank the Kasba Kali Temple is situated.
  • A sacred place.
  • A large number of pilgrims comes ever year.
  • Accommodation: Comilla View Tourist Lodge at Kamalasagar.


  • Located in Kailashahar sub-division of Unakoti District.
  • Sprawled over about 5 sq km.
  • Famous for Shivasthalam and abounds in natural beauty.
  • Attracts the nature lovers and the devotees.
  • Every year fairs are held twice in the courtyard of Shivasthal.


  • An artificial lake considered as sacred lake.
  • Situated in Udaipur in Gomati District.
  • On its west bank Mata Tripureswari Temple is there. A famous sacred place.

Jagannath Dighi

  • Located in Udaipur of Gomati District , at the north-east corner of Jagannath Temple/Jagannather Dol
  • Also known as Puran Dighi.

Mahadev Dighi

  • Located in Udaipur of Gomati District , at the south of Mahadev Ban Temple
  • Also known as Bijoysagar.
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