History of Tripura

It is generally believed that the word 'Tripura' came from the word 'Tripura Sundari' (name of a secred deity), Before becoming a princely state there were numerous rumours about the settlements of Tripura, though there is no evidence of the settlements.

  • In the 1300 AD, Tripura came under Manikya dynasty (A family of Indo-Mongolian origin)
  • In 1700 AD, Tripura came under Mughals administration, though ruled by local rulers the Manikyas.
  • Tripura was known to the British as Hill Tippera.
  • One of the greatest of the Manikya rulers was Bir Chandra Manikya(Bahadur of 1900 AD).
  • Last ruling Maharaja of Tripura was Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya(Died in May 1947).
  • After his death, on behalf of minor Kirit Bikram his widowed wife Maharani Kanchan Prabha Devi took the administrative charges.
  • The monarchy ended on 9th september, 1947 and Tripura merged as part ‘C’ state of Indian Union(administered by Chief Commissioner).
  • Became a union territory on 1st Nov, 1956 and on 15th Aug, 1959 a territorial council was formed.
  • On july, 1963 a Legislative Assembly with a council of ministers was formed.
  • Became a full fledged state of India on 21st January, 1972.
  • before 31st Aug, 1970 only one district was there run by one Deputy Commissioner, on 1st sept, 1970 there was three district(North, South, West) and on 16th April, 1995
  • introduced new one Dhalai.
  • As on 21st Junuary, 2012 there are 8 districts, 23 subdivisions and 58 blocks
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