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State Executive and Legislature question-answer set 1

1. The ordinances promulgated by the Governor are subject to the approval of the.
Answer:- State Legislature


2. If the Governor of a state dies, who becomes the acting Governor?
Answer:- The Chief Justice of the State


3. How is a Governor paid if he acts as the Governor of more than one state?
Answer:- His salary is shared by the concerned states in equal proportion.


4. The strength of the council of Ministers is determined by.
Answer:- The Chief Minister


5. The port folios are allocated to the various members of the Council of Ministers by.
Answer:- The Chief Minister


6. In the states with bi-cameral legislature the upper house is known as.
Answer:- Vidhan Parishad


7. The recommendation for the creation or abolition of the upper house of a state legislature can be made by the.
Answer:- State Legislative Assembly


8. What is the maximum period upto which the Legislative Councils can delay the consideration of the Bill that has been already passed once by State Assembly of the state?
Answer:- One month


9. The Legislature Council is expected to have a strength equal to one third of the membership of the Legislative Assembly. The minimum strength of the Council has to be.
Answer:- 40


10. The Legislative Council can delay the enactment of a Bill passed by the Legislative Assembly for a maximum period of.
Answer:- three months


11. Which Indian State has a separate Constitution?
Answer:- Jammu and Kashmir


12. The Constitution by Jammu & Kashmir came into force on.
Answer:- October, 1956


13. How many members are nominated by the Governor in the Legislative Council of a State?
Answer:- 1/12 of the total membership


14. What is the maximum limit of total membership of the Legislative Council of a State?
Answer:- 1/3 of the total membership of the Legislative Assembly


15. An ordinance issued by the Governor, without the approval of the State Legislature shall be effective for a period of.
Answer:- Six months


16. The Legislative Council of a State can be abolished or created by the.
Answer:- Parliament on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly of the State concerned


17. The name of the presiding officer of the State Legislative Council is.
Answer:- Chairman


18. The executive head of a state is.
Answer:- The Governor


19. The Governor generally be longs to.
Answer:- Some other State


20. The Governor of a State is responsible for his acts to.
Answer:- The President

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