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Panchayati Raj question-answer set-1

1. What is the system of governance in the Panchayati Raj setup?
Answer: Three tier structure of local self government at the village, block and district levels

2. What is the Origin of Indian Panchayat raj?
Answer: South Asian political system

3. Which committee recommended three -tier panchayat system
Answer: Balwantrai Mehta Committee

4. It is the oldest system of
Answer: Local government in the Indian subcontinent.

5. When was panchayati Raj introduced in the country
Answer: 1959

6. Who has the power to conduct elections to the Panchayats and Municipalities
Answer: State Election Commission

7. In Panchayati Raj system, what does the word ‘Raj’ mean?
Answer: Rule

8. First Municipal Corporation in India was set up at.
Answer: Madras in 1687

9. In Panchayati Raj system, what does the word “panchayat” mean?
Answer: Assembly of five

10. All India Institute of Local Self Government is at.
Answer: Mumbai

11. Traditionally, in panchayat wise and respected elders are chosen and accepted by, whom?
Answer: Local community

12. The Panchayati Raj was first introduced in.
Answer: Rajasthan

13. What does Panchayat mainly settle?
Answer: Dispute between individuals and villages.

14. The Panchayat is accountable for all its actions to the.
Answer: Grama Sabha

15. The leader of the panchayat is known as
Answer: Mukhiya or Sarpanch

16. In India Panchayati Raj is.
Answer: An Administrative Structure

17. Khap panchayat is also known as
Answer: Caste Panchayat

18. The Panchayati Raj is based on the ideology of.
Answer: Democratic decentralisation

19. In which part of India, khap panchayats are mainly found?
Answer: Northern India

20. The Panchayat Samitis exists at.
Answer: The block level

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