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Articles in Constitution question-answer set-2

1. Which Article is described as the "Heart and Soul of the Constitution"?
Answer: Article 32

2. As mandated by the _____ of the constitution, the government has constituted the 14th Finance commission.
Answer: Article 280

3. Article 19 provides six freedoms, which is not among them?
Answer: Reside and settle in any part of your state only.

4. Which Article explain the appointment of Ad Hoc judge?
Answer: Article 127

5. Which Article of the Constitution empowers the President to appoint a Commission to investigate the condition of backward classes in general and suggest ameliorative measures?
Answer: Article 340

6. Which article says that 'there shall be a Vice-President of India'?
Answer: Article 63

7. Which article says that 'the Vice President to be ex-officio Chairman of the Council of States'?
Answer: Article 64

8. Which article says about election of Vice-President?
Answer: Article 66

9. Which article of Indian Constitution provides the Oath of Affirmation for the Office of Vice President?
Answer: Article 69

10. Which article says about term of office of Vice President?
Answer: Article 67

11. The President of India referred the Ayodhya issue to the Supreme Court of India under which Article?
Answer: Article 143

12. The power of the Supreme Court to review any judgement pronounced or order made by it previously is provided in Article?
Answer: Article 137

13. The Constitution gives the powers of superintendence over all sub-ordinate courts to the High Courts under Article
Answer: Article 227

14. Article 44 is related to?
Answer: Uniform civil code for citizens.

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