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Fundamental Rights in Constitution question-answer set-1

1. In which part of Constitution of India the Fundamental Rights are enshrined?
Answer: In Part III

2. The granting of Fundamental Rights to citizens aims at ensuring _____
Answer: Individual liberty

3. How many Fundamental Rights are enjoyed by the Indians?
Answer: Six

4. When the Fundamental Rights can be suspended?
Answer: During an emergency by the Parliament

5. Which Fundamental Right has been deleted from our Constitution through a Constitutional Amendment?
Answer: Right to property

6. Who can suspend The Fundamental Rights during an emergency?
Answer: President

7. How can the Fundamental Rights be protected by a citizen?
Answer: By approaching the Supreme Court which will issue appropriate writs against the authority

8. Can parliament amend or modify any of the Fundamental Rights given in the Constitution?
Answer: Yes, Parliament can amend them by special majority

9. Who headed the committee appointed by the Constituent Assembly to finalise the fundamental Rights of Indian Citizens?
Answer. Sardar Patel

10. Which Fundamental Right cannot be suspended even during an emergency under Article 352 of the Constitution?
Answer: Right of life

11. Which fundamental right is concerned with abolition of social distinctions?
Answer: Right to equality

12. What is the main object of Article 13 of the Constitution in securing the paramountcy of the Constitution with regard to.
Answer: Fundamental Rights

13. Freedom of Speech under the Indian Constitution is subject to reasonable restriction on the ground of protection of.
Answer: Sovereignty and Integrity of the country

14. Writs can be issued for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights by _____.
Answer: Both the Supreme Court and the High Courts

15. The right to impose reasonable restrictions on the Fundamental Rights of Indian citizen, is vested in ____.
Answer: The Parliament

16. By which amendment, The right to private property was excluded from the list of Fundamental Rights?
Answer: 44th Amendment

17. Right to Protect is not among six fundamental rights provided by Constitution?
Answer. True

18. What's dealed in Part III of the Indian Constitution?
Answer: Fundamental Rights

19. For the enforcement of Fundamental Rights, the Supreme Court may issue a/an ______.
Answer: Writ

20. _____ comes under the jurisdiction of both the High Court and the Supreme Court?
Answer: Protection of the Fundamental Rights

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