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Citizenship in Constitution question-answer set-1

1. The Indian Citizenship Act of
Answer: 1955

2. The Indian Citizenship Act is also known as
Answer: Snyder Act

3. The Indian Citizenship Act was proposed by
Answer: Homer P. Snyder

4. The period of acquisition of citizenship through registration has been increased from
Answer: 6 months to 5 years

5. Citizenship can be acquired by
Answer: Birth, Descent, Registration, Naturalisation and Incorporation of territories.

6. Citizenship can be lost by
Answer: Renunciation, Termination and Deprivation.

7. Who has the power to regulate the right of citizenship of the Indian people?
Answer: Parliament

8. A person can apply for the citizenship of India after staying for a minimum duration of.
Answer: Five years

9. Which type of citizenship is provided by the Constitution of India?
Answer: Single citizenship

10. The citizenship of India cannot be terminated when.
Answer: There is war

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