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Subjects List of Abbreviations Starting with
  • GK & CAIntroduction

    Key Features of Budget 2017-2018. In the last two and half years administration has moved from discretionary, favouritism based to system and transparency based.Inflation brought under control. CPI-based inflation declined from 6 percent in July 2016 to

  • GK & CAChallenges in 2017-18

    Challenges in 2017-18, World economy faces considerable uncertainty, in the aftermath of major economic and political developments during the last year. Uncertainty around commodity prices, especially that of crude oil, has implications for the fiscal

  • GK & CATransformational Reforms in Last Year

    Transformational Reforms in Last Year. Passage of the Constitution Amendment Bill for GST and the progress for its introduction. Demonetization of high denomination bank notes. Enactment of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code amendment to the RBI Act for

  • GK & CADemonetization

    Demonetization. Bold and decisive measure to curb tax evasion and parallel economy. Governments resolve to eliminate corruption, black money, counterfeit currency and terror funding. Drop in economic activity, if any, to be temporary

  • GK & CARoadmap and Priorities

    Roadmap and Priorities. Ten distinct themes to foster this broad agenda. Transform the quality of governance and quality of life of our people. Clean the country from the evils of corruption, black money and non-transparent political funding

  • GK & CABudget 2017-18 for farmers

    Budget 2017-18 for farmers. Target for agricultural credit in 2017-18 has been fixed at a record level of 10 lakh crores. Farmers will also benefit from 60 days interest waiver announced on 31 Dec 2016. A model law on contract farming to be prepared and

  • GK & CABudget of Rural Population

    Budget of Rural Population. Over 3 lakh crores spent in rural areas every year, for rural poor from Central Budget, State Budgets, Bank linkage for self-help groups, etc Aim to bring one crore households out of poverty and to make 50,000 Gram Panchayats

  • GK & CABudget 2017-2018 for Youth

    Budget 2017-2018 for Youth. Good quality higher education institutions to have greater administrative and academic autonomy. SWAYAM platform, leveraging IT, to be launched with at least 350 online courses. This would enable students to virtually attend

  • GK & CAMCQ on Badami Chalukyas in History Set-1

    MCQ on Badami Chalukyas in History Set-1. 1. What was the period of rule of Keertivarman II. Ans - 744-755 A.D. 2. Keertivarman II was defeated by whom. Ans Dantidurga. 3. Who defeated the Pallava king Nandivarman and occupied Kanchi. Ans - Vikramaditya

  • GK & CAQuestion Answer on General Science Set-1

    Question Answer on General Science Set-1. 1. The concentration of which gas is highest in our environment TPSC-2013 Answer Nitrogen 2. Which gas is used for the purification of water TPSC-2013 Answer Chlorine 3. DDT is an TPSC-2013 Answer Insec

  • GK & CAQuestion Answer on General Science Set-2

    Question Answer on General Science Set-2. 1. Growth hormone is produced by TPSC-2014. Answer Pituitary gland 2. The largest gland of human body is TPSC-2014. Answer Liver 3. All enzyme are actually TPSC-2014. Answer Protein. 4. Which element is

  • GK & CAQuestion Answer on General Science Set-3

    Question Answer on General Science Set-3. 1. Velocity is not a scalar quantity true false TPSC-2016 Answer True 2. Barometer is used to measure TPSC-2016 Answer Atmospheric pressure 3. Methane is a green house gas true false TPSC-2017

  • GK & CAQuestion Answer on General Science Set-4

    General Science MCQ Test Set-4. 1. Coating of solid waste with impervious material is known as SSC-2013. Answer Landfill 2. Ultraviolet rays can be used in water treatment as SSC-2013. Answer Disinfectant 3. Thiamidine dimar formation in DNA is

  • GK & CAQuestion Answer on General Science Set-5

    General Science MCQ Test Set-5. 1. Zirconium is not radioactive trueflase SSC CPO-2013. Answer True 2. The casual organism of Polio is SSC CPO-2013. Answer A virus 3. In the nuclear reactors moderators are used to SSC CPO-2013. Answer Slow down

  • GK & CAQuestion Answer on General Science Set-6

    General Science MCQ Test Set-6. 1. The largest cells in mammalian blood are Answer Monocytes 2. In which region of electromagnetic spectrum does the Lyman series of hydrogen atom lie SSC CHL 2015. Answer Ultraviolet 3. Soldering of two metals is poss

  • GK & CAQuestion Answer on General Science Set-7

    General Science MCQ Test Set-7. 1. The component of nitrogen used in dry cells isAnswer Ammonia 2. The enzyme which is necessary to bring about clotting of blood is. Answer Thrombokinase 3. The difference between musical sound and noise is due to

  • GK & CAQuestion Answer on General Science Set-8

    General Science MCQ Test Set-8. 1. Which human genetic disorders is sex-linked. Answer Haemophillia 2. Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring chelate compound in which central metal is. Answer Magnesium 3. Heavy water is Answer Deuterium Oxide

  • GK & CAQuestion Answer on General Science Set-9

    General Science MCQ Test Set-9. 1. Why is it difficult to measure the coefficient of expansion of a liquid than solid. Answer Their container also expand when heated 2. Radon is Answer An inert gas 3. Which one of the following elements is used in

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